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VOICEHAT Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions for how to properly install VOICEHAT to the carrier board with SoM module (PICO series). The 40-pin Expansion and 12-pin VOICEHAT headers are located on the carrier board. If your module does not require a heatsink, you can omit steps 2 to 5.

  1. Locate three module holes, insert screws into the holes. Place and tighten nuts on top. Then insert slowly the module and gently press into the development board to secure it.
  2. Place heatsink thermal pad on the applications processor.
  3. Place heatsink on the module.
  4. Then secure the heatsink with screws.
  5. Place 40-pin Expansion and 12-pin VOICEHAT header extenders.
  6. Locate four standoff holes, insert extender standoffs into the holes and screw standoffs on top.
  7. Connect LEFT and RIGHT speakers to the VOICEHAT. Make sure the speaker cables exit on the left side.
  8. (and 9): Align the 40-pin female connector next to the 40-pin Expansion header extender on the development board and gently press the connector on the back of the VOICEHAT onto the header extender on the board. Then secure it with four screws.
Tips: Do not power your board during the installation process.