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Installing the Low-profile Heat Sink on EDM-G Modules

This article shows how to install the TechNexion low-profile heat sink on EDM-G modules such as EDM-G-IMX8M-PLUS, EDM-G-IMX8M-MINI, and EDM-G-IMX8M-NANO.

The heat sink kit for EDM-G modules comes complete with fasteners, thermal interface material (thermal pads) for the SOC and the wireless module, and an mylar sticker.

1. Prepare your EDM-G baseboard, EDM-G module, Wi-Fi antenna (if applicable) and EDM-G heatsink kit. Besides you need the following tools: a PH00 screwdriver, a hexagonal 3.0 x 7.5 sleeve screwdriver and a pincer (tweezers).

2. Insert the module into SO-DIMM connector diagonally and press down.

3. Place heat sink thermal pads on the applications processor and wireless module, and also install the provided mylar sticker on the heat sink bottom of the heat sink.

note Note: The mylar sticker prevents the antenna connector from contacting the underside of the heatsink, and also helps to ensure that that connector stays in place.

4. Locate the MHF4 wireless antenna connector on the module. Align the small round MHF4 connector at the end of the antenna cable onto this connector. Once aligned, will need to press down on the antenna cable connector until you hear a click sound.

5. Insert screws into the holes.

6. Insert slowly the heat sink and gently press into the development board. Then secure the heatsink with screws.

note Note: Do not power your board during the installation process

EDM-G Heat Sink Installation Steps