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Camera Module CAM-OV5645 / CAM-OV7251 Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions for how to properly install CAM-OV5645 / CAM-OV7251 camera module to the carrier board or SoM module. The camera module cable connector is either located on the carrier board (PICO series) or on the SoM module (EDM series).

Installation steps

Please follow the steps below to properly install the camera module.

  1. Prepare camera module, FPC cable and carrier board or SoM module. Turn the camera module over to reveal a white connector near the edge of the module.
  2. Swivel the black retaining clip upward.
  3. Insert either end of the camera module cable into the white connector. Make sure that the blue side of the ribbon is facing up and is aligned straight with the connector. The silver pins on the FPC cable should be facing down.
  4. Swivel the retaining clip back down to hold the FPC cable in place.
  5. (and 6): Repeat these same steps with the other end of the cable and the connector on the board / SoM module.
Tips: Do not power your board during the installation process.
Camera module installation steps

After installation

Remove the protective blue film from the camera lens.