Evaluation Kits
  • 14 Dec 2021
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Evaluation Kits

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There are two different evaluation kits for PICO-IMX8M-MINI.


PICO-PI-IMX8M-MINI is a low-cost, small-formfactor kit with a Raspberry-Pi like form-factor.


PICO-WIZARD-IMX8M-MINI is a larger, more full-featured development kit that supports additional features such as PCIe and can be purchased with a variety of display options.

Comparison Table

Size 55mm x 85mm 170mm x 170mm
40-pin Expansion Header Yes Yes
CLIX Slots 1 2
MicroSD Via adaptor on CLIX slot On-board microSD card slot
Gigabit Ethernet On-board AR8035 PHY and RJ45 magjack On-board AR8035 PHY and RJ45 magjack
Audio with VOICEHAT On-board Audio Codec with stereo headphone jack and microphone, plus stereo speaker outputs (32-ohm)
USB Support USB OTG type C (USB 2.0) + USB Type A USB OTG type C (USB 2.0) + 2x USB Type A
Display Support Connector for 5" MIPI DSI touch display (720x1280) Utilize display adapter boards to support several displays including 5" MIPI-DSI, 8" MIPI-DSI, and 10.1" MIPI-DSI, LVDS, and HDMI
Camera Support 2x MIPI-CSI2 connectors (33-pin FPC). Only one is utilized when populated with PICO-IMX8M-MINI SOM 2x MIPI-CSI2 connectors (33-pin FPC). Only one is utilized when populated with PICO-IMX8M-MINI SOM
miniPCIe Support None 1x (PCIe signals + USB 2.0) with SIM slot
M.2 Support None 1x Type B (NVME/Cellular) with SIM slot
Serial Console On-board dual USB-UART chip 3.3V CMOS logic level UARTs available on pin headers M1 and M4 USB-UART Adapter
Power Supply Main power: USB Type C. Can also be powered by 5V on expansion connector. 12V DC

HDMI connectors are populated because PICO-PI and PICO-WIZARD are compatible with SOMs that support on-board HDMI interfaces (such as PICO-IMX8M). This connector is not used when the boards are populated with PICO-IMX8M-MINI (as the i.MX8M MINI SOC does not support HDMI output). If HDMI is needed with PICO-IMX8M-MINI, we have a MIPI-DSI to HDMI adapter board available which is compatible with PICO-WIZARD.

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