Evaluation Kits
  • 14 Dec 2021
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Evaluation Kits

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There are two different evaluation kits for PICO-IMX8M.


PICO-PI-IMX8M is a low-cost, small-formfactor kit with a Raspberry-Pi like form-factor.


PICO-WIZARD-IMX8M is a larger, more full-featured development kit that supports additional features such as PCIe and can be purchased with a variety of display options.

Comparison Table

Size 55mm x 85mm 170mm x 170mm
40-pin Expansion Header Yes Yes
CLIX Slots 1 2
MicroSD Not available on PICO-IMX8M (see note) Not available on PICO-IMX8M (see note)
Gigabit Ethernet On-board AR8035 PHY and RJ45 magjack On-board AR8035 PHY and RJ45 magjack
Audio with VOICEHAT On-board Audio Codec with stereo headphone jack and microphone, plus stereo speaker outputs (32-ohm)
USB Support USB OTG type C (USB 2.0) + USB Type A USB OTG type C (USB 2.0) + 2x USB Type A
Display Support HDMI, Connector for 5" MIPI DSI touch display (720x1280) HDMI, Utilize display adapter boards to support several displays including 5" MIPI-DSI, 8" MIPI-DSI, and 10.1" MIPI-DSI, LVDS, and HDMI
Camera Support 2x MIPI-CSI2 connectors (33-pin FPC) 2x MIPI-CSI2 connectors (33-pin FPC)
miniPCIe Support None 1x (PCIe signals + USB 2.0) with SIM slot
M.2 Support None 1x Type B (NVME/Cellular) with SIM slot
Serial Console On-board dual USB-UART chip 3.3V CMOS logic level UARTs available on pin headers M1 and M4 USB-UART Adapter
Power Supply Main power: USB Type C. Can also be powered by 5V on expansion connector. 12V DC
Note regarding microSD:

The i.MX8M SOC supports a maximum of 2 ESDHC interfaces. One of these is utilized for e.MMC, while the other is utilized as the primary data interface to the wireless lan radio. There is no available SDIO interface to the baseboard. The microSD card slot on the PICO-WIZARD is non-functional when populated with PICO-IMX8M.

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