• 17 Apr 2024
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TechNexion embedded Vision solutions provide embedded system developers access to high-performance, industrial-grade camera solutions to accelerate their time to market for embedded vision projects.

We bring three major product categories to our customers to meet the needs of customers in all aspects.

 For embedded developmentFor commercial & consumerFor commercial & industrial

TechNexion Embedded Vision Camera Sensors are available from 1MP to 13MP with rolling or global shutter functionality. The best of all. All TEVI/S sensors are pin-to-pin compatible.

Support of our TEVI/S Embedded Camera Sensors is available for NXP i.MX8M family including the advanced i.MX8M Plus. Drivers and integration for Nvidia Jetson platform is driven on a per demand basis and we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you to enable your projects.

TechNexion USB3 Type-C UVC Compliant Camera’s are designed from the ground up to fit your embedded vision project.

  • Rolling or Global Shutter
  • 1MP to 13MP Options
  • M12 (S) Mount or C-Mount
  • Enclosed in Aluminium or Bare PCB
  • Works without drivers under Linux or Win10/11
  • Available with VizionViewer™ Configuration Utility and VizionSDK

TechNexion FPD-Link III Cameras are compliant to ISO 20860-1 & 2 and USCAR 18 standards, Fully IP68 waterproof and up-to 15 meter extension cables using FAKRA interconnects.

Combine TechNexion FPD-Link III with our embedded fanless systems to turn your embedded vision project into reality instantly.

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